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    Family Game Night & Chicken Fry

    Friday, September 12, 2014
    6:00 PM Until
    St. Thomas Headquarters (Old Rambler Club)
    For more Info please call (340) 779-2564


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    • Primary Delegate to Congress Forum
    WTJX Channel 12/90
    Sunday, July 27
    Friday, August 1

    • Mondays, AM 1620
    2:00-3:00 PM
    Listen to and talk with Stacey Plaskett on the issues!

    • Stacey Plaskett, Esq.

    Cordially invites you to a

    Meet & Greet

    St. Thomas
    July 16 (Wed.)
    5:50-7:30 PM
    The Grande Hotel - 2nd Floor
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    St. Croix:
    July 17 (Thu.) 

    5:50-7:30 PM

    Kings Alley Hotel - 2nd Floor

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    For more Info please call (340) 779-2564



    • April 29 - Stacey Plaskett in VI Voices 2014 Election Series (YouTube) 

  • A 7 Point Plan

    A Foundation for Action:

  • Mission

    Dedicated to redirecting the current challenges of the U.S. Virgin Islands into solutions for jobs and business creation, efficient and reasonably priced energy, imaginative and effective programs to combat crime, expansion and improvement of educational facilities, programs and teachers, and increased social and health services. 

Guiding the USVI

Guiding the USVI



  • 06 Jun Opinion on the Malone Amendment ... Now that it is law!

    I have been asked by many for my opinion on the Malone Amendment now that it is law.  Things done in the dark are usually questionable at best and often not good.  Bills that are drafted and slipped through late night Carnival Sessions without public hearings and committee discussion that, even after veto, are not sent back to committee for hearings or to correct procedural oversights - smell of bad law.

  • 06 Jun Ethics: “Peppa Bun Hot, But it Good Fu Curry”

    [I]n 2002 I attended a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa of over 200 judges, law makers, lawyers and public advocates meeting to discuss effective judicial systems on the African Continent.   We had breakout sessions on serious subjects under the rule of law: genocide, human trafficking, development of a judiciary system, gender equality under the law.